DIY Projects - Adding turret rotation and gun elevation...

DIY Project - Adding turret rotation and gun elevation to old release TAMIYA 1/16 M4 Sherman 105mm Howitzer

TAMIYA first released the 1/16 M4 Sherman 105mm Howitzer over thirty years ago. The gear box, HVSS suspension and tracks still looks great today. The MTC-1 mini tank controller is designed for 1/35 tanks but can also drive 380 size  motor as well. The old release Sherman do not have turret and gun motion. This project  demonstrates how to add turret and gun motion using the MTC-1 mini tank  controller and Futaba servos, and how to use a 2CH transmitter to control all  tank motions.


The original 380 motors do not have a filtering capacitor. For operation of MTC-1, a 1uF mono capacitor is added between the two power leads, and two 0.1uF mono capacitors are soldered between the power leads and the motor case.

A foam board is used here for mounting of the MTC-1  control board. It also insulate it from the metal hull. A 2CH Futaba receiver is used here to control the tank.  All tank motions can be controlled by a 2CH transmitter. See MTC-1 manual for details.

Lower hull internal layout.

Two 2" 8 ohm speaker is  attached to the rear side.

Turret rotation is powered by a  Futaba S3001 servo modified for continuous rotation. Go to following link for details:

Modify servo to continuous rotation

The spur gear is spare parts from RC sports car.

The turret ring gear and servo mount are produced by CNC machinery.  You can design your own  mechanism using gear trains available.

Turret is placed on top of the base ring.

A Futaba S3501 servo is used for gun elevation. The mounting and linkage is made by 3mm acrylic sheet.

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