DIY Projects - RC Conversion of 1/35 TAMIYA M60A1


The M60 tank was used by US army from 1960 and still service in many countries. TAMIYA first released the M60A1 tank in 1970. The most recent release is the U.S. Marine M60A1 with reactive armor. This kit also contains parts for M60A3.

The large hull and turret of M60A1 made it relative easy for RC conversion. Besides track motion, the conversion items include workable suspension, turret rotation and gun elevation. Following are major parts required for RC conversion:

1) TAMIYA twin motor gearbox
2) TAMIYA planetary gear box set
3) Two micro servos, one for turret rotation, one for gun elevation
4) MTC-1 mini tank controller, with sound effect unit
5) AAx3 battery case
6) 0.5mm spring wire, 1mm and 2mm PS plate
7) 4 channel or 2 channel RC receiver


Gear Box


Cut Ribs for Gear Box

Drill for Suspension Arms

Cut Ribs for Wheel 1 and 6


Suspension for Wheels 2 - 5

Suspension for Wheel 1 and 6

Insert Spring Wire

Install Suspension Arms

Install Suspension Arms

Install Suspension Arms

Install Gear Box

Turret Lower Part

Turret Servo

Turret Ring Gear

Turret Base

Attach Turret Base

Making Movable Gun Mantlet

Making Movable Gun Mantlet

Gun Mantlet Cover

Gun Mantlet Cover

Gun Elevation Servo

Install Electronics

Body Details

Adding Details

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