RC Conversion of Hobby Boss Strv122

Hobby Boss has released many versions of Leopard2A5/A6. The dimensions of lower hull, suspension arms, turret ring and gun barrels are nearly the same as TAMIYA. This made the K9 kit also suitable for Hobby Boss kits. They include 2A6M (82458), 2E (82432), 2A5/A6NL(82423), 2A5DK (82405), Strv122 (82404), 2A6EX (82403), 2A5/A6 (82402). However, the Leopard 24A (82401) has a different turret base made it NOT suitable.

Following example showing steps for making a Hobby Boss Strv122 (82404).

Making Suspension Arms

Making Lower Hull

Polycap Cracks!

Making Sprocket

Remove Support Wheels

Turret Storage Box

Making Turret Details

Making Front Details

Making Rear Details

Turret Inside

Hobby Boss 1/35 Strv 122

Hobby Boss 1/35 Strv 122

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