Metal gearboxes

Torsion bar set

Turret assembly

Turret ring gear

Metal gun barrel and gun flash LED


Movable search light mount

Main gun LED

Maching gun firing

Turret inside

Hull inside


K18 - RC Conversion Kit for Tamiya 1/35 T55A, with MTC-2 and ACU

Price: US$149

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- Constructed by high precision metal parts
- Twin 130 carbon brush motor
- Metal gearbox with harden stainless steel gears
- Metal torsion bars
- 360 deg turret rotation
- Gun elevation servo
- Gun recoil servo
- Metal main gun barrel
- Ultra bright LED for main gun and machine gun flashes
- Movable search light mount
- 22KHz high quality digital recorded sound effects, including engine start, running and stop sounds, main gun and machine gun firing sounds
- Engine sounds changes according to speed
- Powered by 3.7V 1 Cell Lipo battery (Lipo battery NOT included and must be purchased separately)

Kit contains:
- MTC-2 mini tank controller
- ACU auxiliary control unit
- Metal gear box with twin 130 carbon brush motors
- Metal sprocket mounts
- Metal torsion bars
- Slot cutter for torsion bars
- Turret assembly including gun elevation and recoil servos, gun flash LED and turret rotation motor
- Metal gun barrel
- Main gun flash LED
- Movable search light mount
- 1W speaker
- Turrer ring gear
- Acrylic parts: turret ring gear, MTC-2 mounting plate, torsion bar mounting plates
- card paper floor plate
- 1mm PS plate and partition plate
- Detail construction manual

Following items are required but NOT included. You must purchase them separately:
- TAMIYA 1/35 T55A kit (ITEM 35257)
- RC transmitter and receiver (4CH or more recommended)
- 3.7V 1 Cell Lipo battery (300-1000mAh) (Attention! Lipo battery can be dangerous if not use
  properly. Follow all safety precautions and use a dedicate Lipo battery charger)
- Friulmodel metal track ATL-01 (optional)

RC Conversion Kit for Tamiya 1/35 T55A User Manual
MTC-2 and ACU User Manual

Related Product:
- MTC-2 mini tank controller
- ACU auxiliary control unit

This conversion kit is designed for experienced model maker which may be difficult for beginners. Please read the manual to see if you have the skill and tools required.

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