K21 RC Kit for Freedom Model 1/16 Kettenkraftrad

Steering wheel assembly

Metal torsion bars

LED headlamp

Electronic connections

Electronic connections


K21 - RC Conversion Kit for Freedom Model 1/16 Kettenkraftrad (Sd.kfz.2)

Price: US$169

Status:  Out of Stock

- All metal gearbox with 8 ball bearings
- 130 size carbon brush motor
- Steering by mechanical brake and differential gear same as real vehicle
- Workable suspensions with metal torsion bars and coil springs
- Ultra bright LED headlamp
- 6A 3.7V ESC included
- Powered by 1 Cell 3.7V Lipo battery (Lipo battery NOT included and must be purchased separately)

Kit contains:
- Gearbox assembly with differential gear and brake, 130 carbon brush motor, steering servo
- Steering wheel assembly
- 6A 3.7V ESC
- Metal torsion bars and idler wheel shafts
- Metal sprocket mounts
- Ultra bright LED headlamp
- 0.6mm copper wire, PART-A, PIN-A, TOOL-A, TOOL-B, wheel fixture, masking plate, polycaps
- Detail construction manual

Following items are required but NOT included. You must purchase them separately:
- Freedom Mode 1/16 Kettenkraftrad (Sd.kfz.2) Kit (Item 16001)
- 2CH RC transmitter and receiver
- 1 Cell 3.7V Lipo battery (Attention! Lipo battery can be dangerous if not use
  properly. Follow all safety precautions and use a dedicate Lipo battery charger)

RC Conversion Kit for Freedom Model 1/16 Kettenkraftrad User Manual

This conversion kit is designed for experienced model maker which may be difficult for beginners. Please read the manual to see if you have the skill and tools required.

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