P4 - ACU Auxiliary Control Unit

P4 - ACU Auxiliary Control Unit

Price:     US$30

Status:    In Stock

Sound Available: Leopard II, M1 Abrams ( Please specify sound option when purchase)

Sound Under Construction: M113, Gepard, M2 Bradley, Challenger 2

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ACU is designed to work with MTC-2 and GSU. When connected to MTC-2, ACU provides following features:
- Two servo ports for gun elevation and gun barrel recoil.
- Turret rotate motor drive with continuous speed control.
- Support optional GSU (gun stabilize unit). When GSU is also connected, ACU can stabilize gun elevation and turret rotation when tank is moving.
- Main gun led and machine gun led flashes.
- 22KHz high quality digital sound effects, including main gun sound, machine gun sound and engine sound.
- Engine sound includes engine start, stop, idle, and running. Engine sound changes according to speed. Engine sound can be turned off by jumper.
- Gun return to reload position after fire (can be disabled by dip switch).
- ACU size 36 x 25 x 10mm (1.4x1x0.4)

Manual: MTC-2 and ACU Manual V5.1

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