P6 - GUS 2 Axis Gun Stabilize Unit

P6 - GSU 2 Axis Gun Stabilize Unit

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GSU is an optional module of ACU (auxiliary control unit). When GSU is turned on, it will detect the gun rotation and elevation and will stabilize the gun automatically. When the operator moves the control sticks, the GSU will return control back to the operator. When the operator stops, GSU will stabilize the gun in its new position. GSU have the following features:
2-axis gun stabilization in turret rotation and gun elevation.
- Turret rotation stabilize by gyro sensor. Can be disabled by dip switch.
- Gun elevation stabilize by gyro sensor and accelerometer. Each sensor can be disabled by dip switches.
Two mounting directions select by dip switch.
- Stabilization turns on/off by CH5, or by stick motions for 2-4 CH receivers.
- Gun elevation angle adjustable by trimmer.
- Optional engine deck sensor. Gun raise automatically when gun moves above engine deck.
- Engine deck level adjustable by trimmer.
- Dimensions: 20 x 28 x 10mm (0.8x 1.1x 0.4)

Manual: GSU Manual V2.0

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