P3 - MTC-2 Mini Tank Controller

P3 - MTC-2 Mini Tank Controller

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MTC-2 can work alone as a twin motor ECS (electronic speed controller) for RC tanks. When the ACU (auxiliary control unit) is connected, it can also control turret rotation, gun elevation, gun firing, machine gun firing and engine sounds. When GSU (gun stabilize unit) is connected, the ACU can stabilize gun elevation and turret rotation when the tank is moving.

- MTC-2 can work alone as a twin motor ESC, with 8A continuous current for 130 to 280 size motors.
- ECS with forward, reverse, left, right and pivot turn over all speed range.
- ECS with brake function, motors can stop instantly.
5, 4 or 2 channel receiver options. 2 channel for standalone ESC, 4 channel for ECS and turret control. CH 5 is used for optional GSU on/off.
- Simple one button setup procedure.
- Battery options: 1-2 Cell Lipo (3.7-7.4V), 4-6 Cell NiMH (4.8-7.2V)
- Auto shutdown at low battery.
- MTC-2 size 38 x 25 x 20mm (1.5x1x0.8)

MTC-2 and ACU Manual V5.1

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